Sunday, 2 April 2017

Ct for Tanya Laguna and Irish Princess
Amanita witch with a kitty tube is by Laguna.She a great tube to design with. You get to change her clothing and remove her witch hat or mug, cladran, or kitty if you like because Amnanita can be used as a witch or not  There is still so many thing you can do with her and kits that you can choose to design with her .you will have fun with Amanita. To get Amanita and many other beauties check out Laguna tubes here

Kit by Irish princess, Java Joy is all about coffees an the warmth and rich taste. this kit is filled with that richness, this kit is perfect the coffee love. this is a tasty and enjoyable kit to design with. to find this kit and more by irish princess you can see her here

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