Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Ct For Jenns designs
tube by stan dudin not included
ShoreSide is a fun summer kit with lots of blues and green with white. this kit contains 65 fun elements and frames also 10 papers to design with. and you can find it with all of jenn design kits here

Ct for Mariel Designs
Fairy Forest in fall is a very colorful tube that comes 3 styles of your choosing it also has its a match kit also by Mariel called Fairy forest in fall, the kit has many elements to design with and very colorful and fun, they both can be found here

CT for Sue Designz
tube not included
Beauty Flowers kit is a pretty spring summer kit that contain 70 fun elements and 10 fun papers
you can find this kit and more fin kits here

CT For Julia fox
Dayan is ready for the beach and she comes in different color suits and jewelry to design. and she can be found with many more beautiful tubes here
kit is by kis=zzed by kel called ahoy also found at picsfordesign

Ct For Julia Fox  & Kizzed by Kelz
Beautiful tube named spring girl 3. this beauty comes in many colors to design with plus jewelry.
And also comes with a match kit by kizzed by kelz also called spring 3. you can find both here

Monday, 27 March 2017

Ct for Tanya Laguna and Jenns Design
Girl with a toy bunny is a beautiful tube that comes in many color clothing and plenty things to add on to her. to get this tube and more come check out the tubes here
kit is by Jenns Design called Family Faith Friends. this kit is full with gold and white and plenty of flowers and teddy bears. lovely kit to design with and can be found with other lovely kits here

Ct for Kizzed by Kelz
Purple Rain kit is a very beautiful very floral spring. with lots of purple and white, It contains 135 elements and 15 papers. you will enjoy designing with this kit and all of kizzed by kelz kit here