Sunday, 4 October 2015

**CT For Nataila Nz**
Beautiful poser tube by Natalia called Muertia.. this lovely tube is a fun poser tube that goes great with many kits and you can find muertia and more goodies by natalia here come and look..

**Ct for Natalia Nz**
New poser tube by Natalia Called Scully. This fabulous Poser tube comes in 3 different poser and very fun to tag with, she is great for your halloween dark or goth kits.. and you can find scully and much more by natalia here
kit by FwTags

**CT For FwTags Creations**
Brand new gorgeous scrap kit The Key made to match Mayumi Ogihara tube also called The Key,Both scrap kit and tube are exclusive to Artistic Dreams Imaging(ADI);
Scrap kit by FwTags Creations found here;…/7848-fwtc-thekey.h…
Tube by Mayumi Ogihara found here;…/5976-mo-thekey.html

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