Monday, 5 October 2015

**Ct for Laguna**
Fabulous tube named Forest witch with a wolf by laguna.. this tube comes in multiple layer color clothing and add on  to play with. you can also add the wolf or not. also comes with close ups with close up clothing and on on and close up wolf. you can get this tube and more by laguna here
kit by Bella Caribena called Autumn Garden

**ct fo bella caribena**
Cu Fantasmita 1 is cute ghost is a commission art from ©Oky Draft and manufactured by bella caribena. You can use these chibis as tubes for your tags, or as CU for your personal to use scrapkits. there are tons of beautiful colors. Make this part of your collectiontoday!…
Scary Autumn kit, is a beautiful kit created by Bella Caribeña. This kit contains a gorgeous combination of black and golds, and yellow. It is a personal use kit. and found here…

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